Secondary school leavers and apprentices

New recruits are not only those who contribute to our business, but also those who drive it: young people keen to shape a future that is ultimately theirs. Curiosity and enterprise is therefore encouraged as much as expertise. For good specialists are equally important as strong personalities. And we require a combination of both. If this is something you aspire to, you’ve come to the right place.

Interested in an apprenticeship?

An exciting and varied training period awaits that will take you through various Helsana departments and give you a deeper insight into the many different tasks performed by a modern health and accident insurer.

If you would like to know more, simply attend one of our career information days held in spring at several locations across Switzerland for a range of apprenticeship trades. These will give you the opportunity to get a feel for Helsana, to take a look behind the scenes, and to find out first hand from our apprentices about the content and quality of our training programmes. Are you interested? Send us an e-mail.

Four steps to an apprenticeship 

Everything else you need to know about our requirements and the application process can be found here.

Have you found a vacancy for an apprenticeship in our job offering that interests you and corresponds to your expectations and abilities? If so, send us an application online.

You can find the link to the online application tool directly in the apprenticeship advertisement. You will then be taken through the online application process step by step. At the end, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt from us and be provided an initial notification about the current status of your application and the next steps within ten days. If your application is successful, we will invite you to a selection day.

Good to know
  • Prepare your application documents carefully and make sure that they are complete and consolidated in a single Word or PDF document. This will make it easier to enter your documents online and you will not need to interrupt the session.
  • Make reference to the information in the job advertisement and tell us what appeals to you about your selected apprenticeship and why you think you are suitable for the position.
  • Your CV should be concise, clear, up to date and complete. Here, we are also interested in how you spend your free time and about which professions and companies you have already had a taster of.
  • In addition to all of your secondary education certificates, please also submit an up-to-date Multicheck (a career-related assessment of qualifications) for your chosen apprenticeship in the right profile as well as any other diplomas, certificates or trial apprenticeship confirmations.

Our initial personal contact with one another will allow us both to get to know one another better and discuss the respective requirements and expectations. You will be provided with an overview of Helsana as well as your chosen apprenticeship and will also have the opportunity to convince us of your strengths and abilities. You and we will thus gain a basis for deciding how to proceed from here.

Good to know
  • You will take part in our selection day (lasting between half a day and a full day) together with other apprenticeship applicants. During this day, you will get to know the responsible vocational training managers and possibly also individual practical trainers.
  • There is also often the opportunity to talk to our apprentices during the coffee break or over lunch.
  • Should you be unable to attend the selection day for any reason, please let us know immediately so that we can possibly arrange another date on which you can participate.

After we have gained a positive impression of one another on the selection day, we want to get to know each other even better during a personal discussion. It is about discussing our mutual requirements and expectations in detail and answering any open questions. You are the focus of the interview, with emphasis placed on your personality as a whole as well as your strengths, interests and wishes. We are excited to find out even more about you and your motivation for completing an apprenticeship with us.

Good to know

During this meeting, you will talk to your future vocational training manager and the Head of Vocational Training or a HR consultant.

You have done it and we invite you and your parents to the signing of your apprenticeship contract. During this meeting, we want to once more show you and your parents in detail what the start of your apprenticeship at Helsana will look like, how your apprenticeship will work, what we will offer you during your apprenticeship and what we expect from you.

Good to know
  • The apprenticeship contract meeting generally lasts between one hour and 90 minutes and ends with a small tour of the Helsana site.
  • The apprenticeship at Helsana starts for all apprentices from Switzerland with a three-day introduction at our training centre in Bellinzona.
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Looking to complete a secondary school internship?

If you are looking to follow three years of commercial or upper secondary business school with a one-year placement where you can put your theoretical knowledge to practice, Helsana is the perfect place for you: we offer a wide range of challenging internships at various locations as part of an entirely school-based VET programme or to gain entry into a university of applied sciences. After successfully completing your practical training, you will be ready for the job market or a course of study at a university of applied sciences.

All details on our requirements and the application process can be found in our internship advertisements.

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Further information

Claudia Hunkeler - Head of vocational training Claudia Hunkeler - Head of vocational training

Claudia Hunkeler - Head of vocational training

Like to know more about our apprenticeships? Send us an e-mail at

Sandra Fankhauser - Deputy head of vocational training, in charge of secondary school internships Sandra Fankhauser - Deputy head of vocational training, in charge of secondary school internships

Sandra Fankhauser - Deputy head of vocational training, in charge of secondary school internships

Like to know more about our secondary school internships? Send an e-mail to

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