Case Management - help in difficult situations

With Helsana Case Management, we support our patients in even the most difficult situations in life. Helsana customers benefit from this service under compulsory basic insurance. It’s free of charge. We coordinate and support your patients who have complex problems (medical/social/professional/financial).


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Case Management support – benefits for you and your patients

Finding your way through the Swiss social security system isn’t always easy. An illness often affects several areas of a person’s life (medical/financial/professional/social).

In life’s most challenging situations, we provide support through our personal Case Management service.


Working with the affected individual to permanently improve their particular circumstances and achieve social and occupational stability in the long term.



Together with you and your patients, we’ll get to the bottom of the causes and work out in which areas something needs to be done.


We provide comprehensive support and advice as well as coordinating and mediating between the offices involved, insurance companies, the employer, if necessary, and you as the doctor.

Customer Feedback

“Working on machines had been affecting my health for some time. In the end, the stooped posture made me unfit for work as I was suffering from stabbing back pain. After discussing this with doctors it was clear that continuing to work in this way would cause permanent damage to my back. The Helsana Case Manager took a look at the situation and put my employer in touch with the Federal Disability Insurance Office and BVG insurers. Together we worked out how to redesign my workplace. I’m now working full-time again and have not experienced any physical problems.”

A Helsana customer, machine operator at a major metalworks company

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