Sponsorship and corporate volunteering

Our commitments show our long-term dedication to society. We are a proud partner of the Theodora Foundation and the Swiss Red Cross. Our Helsana Trails help you fit more exercise in and our corporate volunteering supports communities, the environment and sustainability.

Social commitments

Theodora Foundation

As a partner of the Theodora Foundation, Helsana enables children who are hospitalised and their family members to experience carefree moments which provides them some relief.

The purpose of the Theodora Foundation is to bring some relief to children in hospital and in specialised institutions through happiness and laughter. As a recognised charitable foundation, it organises and finances visits from 70 professional performers to 35 hospitals and 22 specialist institutions for disabled children throughout Switzerland every week. Helsana’s support enables the Theodora Foundation to make some 100,000 visits to children every year.

Theodora Foundation Blog article "Committed to making children’s eyes light up"

Swiss Red Cross

Helsana shares common ground with the Swiss Red Cross (SRC): a commitment to life and a healthy society. The SRC protects the health and dignity of people in need. Helsana helps its customers stay healthy or become healthy again quickly. And we are there to support people affected by a disease so that they can live a fulfilled life.

Together we advocate for two key issues that may affect or concern us all throughout our lives: first aid and care-giving relatives. We strive to ensure that everyone can provide first aid in an emergency. And we support and empower people who care for their relatives.

As the largest and oldest humanitarian organisation, the Swiss Red Cross brings together the areas of "health", "integration" and "rescue" under one umbrella. With 24 cantonal associations, four rescue organisations and two institutions, the SRC is present throughout Switzerland and is active in around 30 countries worldwide.

Swiss Red Cross Media release "Helsana and the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) are combining their strengths to combat the coronavirus pandemic"

Prevention commitments


Helsana is committed to promoting good health. We have been operating Helsana Trails since 2003. At over 120 locations, you will find the perfect environment for outdoor exercise and sport. You can use Helsana’s more than 360 signposted loop trails for power walking, jogging, hiking or simply going for a stroll. Signs along the route tell you about the different strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as informing you about correct technique and healthy levels of physical training. Most of the trails are open all year round. They are free of charge and suitable for every fitness level.

You can also use the Helsana Trails app free of charge.

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Sponsoring enquiries

Helsana is actively involved in sponsoring social and preventive projects. Do you have a project you would like to tell us about?

Corporate Volunteering

Helsana is committed to society, the environment and sustainability through its corporate volunteering activities. Employees of Helsana show their passion by volunteering. They help out at retirement homes, foundations and environmental organisations. Employees feel it's important to play an active role in living the “Committed to life” idea. Helsana makes a point of allowing employees to book this volunteering time as working hours and offers them an internal online platform to do so.

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