Fondation Sana owns 79 per cent of the Helsana Group’s share capital. The remaining 21 per cent is held by Artisana Foundation, formerly called the Artisana health insurance company. An overview of both shareholders.

Fondation Sana

Fondation Sana promotes a well-developed healthcare system in Switzerland:

  • Relief fund: Fondation Sana supports persons insured with Helsana who are in financial distress. The relief fund assumes benefit costs that the person cannot afford.
  • Prix Sana: The main Helsana shareholder recognises one or several people every year who show altruistic commitment to the well-being of others.
  • Fund for health promotion, research and prevention: Fondation Sana participates in projects that demonstrably benefit general public health.
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Artisana Foundation

Artisana Foundation assists small and medium-sized enterprises to promote employee health in the following ways:

  • Health Promotion Award: Each year, Artisana presents an award to companies showing exemplary occupational health management.
  • Free online services: Artisana Foundation offers guidelines and many other resources such as the Leaders Care training tool, which supports leaders and HR specialists in helping employees under mental strain. .
  • Artisana Fund: The shareholder provides financial support for corporate clients of Helsana towards health promotion measures in the context of Helsana Business Health.
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