Electronic payroll declaration

The universal payroll reporting procedure (ELM) ensures that data are transferred rapidly and securely. Submitting your annual payroll declaration is now even more streamlined.

You will need a Swissdec-certified payroll accounting program. Please contact the manufacturer of your payroll accounting program or visit www.swissdec.ch to check whether your software has been certified.



  • You only need to enter the payroll data once. Then simply enter any changes to the personnel structure.
  • At year-end, the encrypted payroll data can be sent to Helsana and other recipients with just one click.
  • No more filling in payroll declaration forms.
  • As the interface between the sender and recipient, the distributor guarantees the delivery of the payroll data.
  • You can check the final data before they are released.

Set up the payroll declaration in two steps

  1. Speak to your Helsana advisor to sign up for electronic payroll declaration.
  2. Enter the insurance information from your Helsana insurance profile in your payroll accounting system and send the payroll data before the first payroll round.
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