Payroll declaration

The insurance premiums for the entire year are due in advance. So that we can calculate your definitive premium amount for the end of the year, we will need a payroll declaration from you. You will either receive a credit note or an invoice for any difference.

How salaries to be declared are composed

The basis for calculating daily sickness benefits is the AHV salary. Other contractual insurance components defined in the Special Insurance Conditions are also factored into the equation. These can include the inclusion or exclusion of certain salary components.

The basis for calculating the UVG premium is the UVG salary. 

Which salary must be reported if compensation for loss of income is received for short-time working or the coronavirus?

The salary subject to AHV contributions serves as the basis for the payroll declaration. If compensation for loss of income for short-time working or the coronavirus has been received, the salary that would have been received without short-time working must be reported. This means that the full amount of the agreed salary must be reported.

Declare payroll electronically


You can electronically report payroll for calculating the definitive annual premiums for daily sickness benefits and accident insurance to us via Helsana ELM Web.

Your benefits

  • Low level of administrative effort
  • High level of data security
  • Easy and quick

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The Uniform Wage Notification Procedure (ELM-Swissdec) ensures that data is transferred quickly and securely. Submitting your annual payroll declaration is now even more efficient.

Your benefits

  • One-off payroll data collection and easy personnel structure changes
  • Easy, encrypted transmission of payroll data to Helsana at the end of the year 
  • No payroll declaration forms
  • Check before final approval

You will need a Swissdec-certified payroll accounting program. Please contact the manufacturer of your payroll accounting program or visit to check whether your software has been certified.

Set up the payroll declaration in two steps

  1. Register for electronic payroll declaration by sending an e-mail to
  2. Enter the insurance information from your Helsana insurance profile in your payroll accounting system and send the payroll data before the first payroll round.
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