cardiovascular system (9)

Repatriation from Bangkok

Werner Seiler from Davos looks back on his successful repatriation from Thailand.

True or false? Facts & myths surrounding the heart

There are countless myths about what is supposed to be healthy for the heart and what isn’t. We scrutinise nine myths.

Stress test reveals personal stress intensifiers

Stress is largely caused by our thoughts. The test identifies the individual stress traps.

Heart and circulation:typical diseases

A wide variety of diseases involving the heart and vessels are known to occur. An overview of seven common diseases.

High blood pressure – the silent enemy

Do you know what your blood pressure readings are? You really should because having blood pressure which is too high is no laughing matter.

20 tips for a healthy heart

Stress, an unbalanced diet or not enough exercise: there are many causes of heart disease. However, it is never too late to change your own lifestyle. We will show you how.

Cardiac arrhythmias

Cardiac arrhythmias may be harmless but may also be dangerous. Their causes and treatment have been explained below.

Cardiac anatomy - a masterpiece

What does the interior of the heart look like? Take a look at our most important organ and learn about its role in the cardiovascular system.

Heart attacks: occurrence, symptoms and first aid

Find out more about how heart attacks occur and how to react correctly in an emergency.