Natural remedies for sunburn

If sunburn occurs despite sun protection, you have to provide good care for the damaged skin. How to alleviate the symptoms with plant-based remedies.

Sunshine's a mood booster and helps you produce vitamin D. However, too much UV radiation from the sun can burn your skin. Sunburn is not only unattractive, but also painful and dangerous. This burning of the skin should absolutely be avoided. Pay attention to your skin type and protect yourself using sun cream and clothing. Here, you can read the sun protection tips from the Swiss League Against Cancer, Krebsliga (in German).

Complementary medicine for sunburn

During the acute phase, relief can be provided using cooling compresses with quark, yoghurt or gels, such as aloe vera. Various products are commercially available for this. Please note: Ointments should not be used, as these cause heat accumulation. Seek the advice of a pharmacist.

Plant-based remedies for sunburn include oak bark, St. John's wort oil and camomile blossoms. Naturopaths working with traditional European naturopathy can offer you expert assistance. The healing process can also be aided by traditional homoeopathy and herbal treatments as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

General measures:
  • Stay in dark, cool rooms
  • Avoid any further UV radiation until fully recovered
  • Stay hydrated, as your body now needs more fluids
  • Apply cooling compresses with household products such as quark or yoghurt, or simply a cold, damp cotton cloth
  • Aloe vera gel is cooling and also has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Cucumber slices are good for the face
Go to the doctor for sunburn?

In the case of heavy burning – i.e., over large areas, or if you have blisters or peeling skin– you should definitely consult a doctor.

What is your skin type?

Six different skin types are generally distinguished, with differing guidelines for the duration of sun exposure without sun protection:

Skin type 1
  • Very pale skin, possibly freckles, light eyes, red or blonde hair
  • No tanning, sunburn occurs very quickly

Sunburn threshold: approx. 10 minutes

Skin type 2
  • Pale skin, light eyes, light hair
  • Slow tanning, sunburn frequent

Sunburn threshold: approx. 10–20 minutes

Skin type 3
  • Medium-toned skin, dark eyes, dark hair
  • Slow tanning, sunburn infrequent

Sunburn threshold: approx. 20–30 minutes

Skin type 4
  • Dark skin, dark eyes, black hair
  • Rapid tanning, sunburn infrequent

Sunburn threshold: approx. 30–45 minutes

Skin type 5
  • Dark skin, dark eyes, black hair
  • Less sensitive skin, sunburn infrequent

Sunburn threshold: approx. 60 minutes

Skin type 6
  • Very dark skin, dark eyes, black hair
  • Less sensitive skin, sunburn infrequent

Sunburn threshold: approx. 90 minutes 


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