High blood pressure – silent and dangerous

High blood pressure is rarely spotted at first. But this illness damages your heart and blood vessels. High blood pressure thus has to be treated. Helsana helps those affected via a support programme.

High blood pressure – doctors speak of hypertension or arterial hypertension – is an insidious illness since it very rarely has symptoms of its own. And when it does, the body's organs have already been affected. Permanently high blood pressure gradually damages the blood vessels and affects the heart, kidneys, brain and eyes. This results in vascular calcification (arteriosclerosis), heart attacks, strokes (cerebral infarction) and othercardiovascular diseases such as a weak heart, kidney failure, circulation problems in the legs and poor vision.

One in four are affected – prevention helps

High arterial blood pressure is very common. The Swiss Heart Foundation estimates that around 1.5 million people are affected. Many of them are not aware of their condition or do not take their blood pressure readings too seriously. The consequences are only felt once it is too late. That's why it's even more important to treat it early. A healthy lifestyle can help a lot. Because, as well genetics, this illness is caused by a lack of exercise, being overweight, eating an unbalanced diet with too much salt, stress, alcohol and smoking. To avoid secondary illnesses, the Swiss Heart Foundation recommends that everyone over 18 regularly checks their blood pressure.

Treating high blood pressure

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is important to treat it properly. The goal is to permanently return your blood pressure to normal levels. Sometimes it is enough to take general measures, such as changing your diet and maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, exercising regularly (endurance training) and handling stress in a healthy way. If this is not enough, medication can be used. Unfortunately, 1 in 2 stop their treatment. That's why Helsana supports the established support programme provided by Toppharm pharmacies. It provides patients with a qualified health coach to help with treatment.

Optimal treatment for high blood pressure

Helsana offers customers diagnosed with high blood pressure a support programme with Toppharm pharmacies in German-speaking Switzerland. Customised, personal support increases the chances of your treatment being successful. The health coach can answer questions about medication and support you in making lifestyle changes. This offer is only available to those who have compulsory health insurance or supplementary health insurance under the Swiss Insurance Contract Act (VVG) with Helsana Insurance Company Ltd or Progès Insurance Company Ltd.


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