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The cardiovascular system plays a key role in a long and healthy life. Look after it, and give your heart health the attention it deserves. A healthy lifestyle is the best medicine against cardiovascular diseases. Keep an eye on your blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid levels. In addition, you should get as much physical exercise as possible.

“Keeping a baby alive through a heart operation is a wonderful experience.”

Nobody suspected it was a heart attack

Young father survives two heart attacks

Fitness tips for the heart from Thomas Mullis

Helsana Health Forum 2016

The Helsana Health Forum met with a positive response: 350 participants received valuable and interesting information on the subject of cardiovascular health in the Kursaal Bern on 17 September.

Prevention through a heart-friendly lifestyle

Four simple principles keep the cardiovascular system fit and healthy: plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, low stress levels, and no smoking.

Cardiovascular diseases at a glance

Disturbances in the cardiovascular system can have fatal consequences. It is important to identify the symptoms and take action early on.

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