Alcune vaccinazioni sono sempre più importanti poiché possono impedire l'insorgenza di gravi malattie. A determinate condizioni possiamo assumere nel quadro dell’assicurazione di base i costi per vaccinazioni contro malattie infantili o anche contro l’influenza e la meningoencefalite da zecche. Dalle assicurazioni integrative SANA e COMPLETA ricevete contributi per la profilassi per i viaggi come la vaccinazione combinata contro l'epatite A e B.

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Vaccinations protect

Vaccinations are preventive measures that can protect you against various infectious diseases with dangerous consequences. By getting vaccinated, the body's own immune system is empowered to react to pathogens to prevent the disease from breaking out entirely or to ensure that it only erupts as a mild case. The effect is based on inactivated pathogens that are recognised by the immune system.

Vaccinations are the most effective method for protecting you and your child against diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, measles, mumps, rubella and hepatitis B. No vaccination can protect you against the respective disease with absolute certainty, but when you are vaccinated the chances of contracting the disease are drastically reduced and, if you do contract the disease, its course can be mitigated. Booster vaccinations are necessary if the immunological memory is reduced or the pathogen changes its characteristics.

The more people are vaccinated, the more difficult it is for a pathogen to spread. This is how diseases can be contained or even eradicated.