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Food is a trendy topic: restaurants, cooking shows and food blogs are booming, and there is a delicious treat to tempt you at every turn. This makes it all the more difficult to have a balanced diet, but we can only stay healthy with the right amount of calories and nutrients. Read our related information and tips.

Let's put an end to the bad reputation of calories

We hate calories, but we need them. Find out what calories really are and why we can't live without them.

Losing weight made easy

Nutrition counselling makes dieting easier. Online coaching enjoys particular popularity. It can be easily integrated into your daily life.

Feel-good effect

Sugar is addictive. It triggers a short-lived feeling of elation.

Tips for a healthy diet

What you eat and drink affects your health and your wellbeing. We give you tips for a healthy diet – including taste experiences.

How to optimise your calorie consumption

Couch potato? Five tips on improving your calorie balance – without having to count calories.

Find your ideal weight

Too heavy, too light or just right? Our tips to help you find your personal ideal weight.

What is your calorie balance?

The Helsana health bus stops at many stations throughout Switzerland. Come by and test your eating habits.

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The right diet

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