Information for naturopaths and therapists

Complementary medicine (alternative medicine)

  1. Brochure for naturopaths and therapists
  2. Questionnaire to clarify benefits
  3. Invoice forms
  4. Complementary Tariff 590

Brochure for naturopaths and therapists

In the Information brochure (PDF, 901KB) for doctors, natural healers, naturopaths and therapists, we present our insurance products for the complementary medicine sector. We also outline our procedures for monitoring and processing benefits. This provides the basis for successful collaboration between partners in the interests of our joint clients.


Questionnaire to clarify benefits

By completing the questionnaire, you will ensure that further reimbursement of costs is assessed quickly for your patient and our policyholder.

The Helsana Group reimburses 75% of the costs of complementary treatments from the SANA and COMPLETA supplementary insurances, provided that the treatments are medically necessary. A medical necessity exists if ailments or illnesses are proven to fall into the category of diseases, and a therapy is required.

In unclear cases or those of lengthy duration, our specialists in complementary and alternative medicine require a report in order to assess further reimbursement of costs. If you, as the service provider, complete the questionnaire for doctors, natural healers, naturopaths and therapists, you will enable us to carry out our co-payment review quickly

Please complete the questionnaire (PDF, 108KB) in full and send it to the following address:

Helsana AG
Costumer Service
Complementary Medicine Specialist
Postfach / P.O. Box
9008 St. Gallen


Invoice forms

Transparent invoicing with an electronically scannable invoice form is of great importance in our day-to-day invoicing activities. From our perspective as a health insurer, this ensures the efficient processing of benefits.

The Code of Ethics of the EMR ("ErfahrungsMedizinischen Register") also emphasises the importance of transparency.

As you are an EMR-registered therapist, the Code of Ethics is also a mandatory part of your work. From January 2016 you can download a Helsana invoice form from EMR under your profile "myEMR" (German).


Complementary Tariff 590

Together with the health insurers CSS, GROUPE MUTUEL, CONCORDIA and SWICA, we have drawn up a complementary tariff and have agreed it with santésuisse. The result is Complementary Tariff 590, which is valid throughout Switzerland, with over one hundred tariff figures.

You can access the Complementary Tariff with the detailed rate figures by requesting the tariff download from MediData (German).

Sample invoice

Date Tariff Tariff figure Number
per 5 min.

per 5 Min.


VAT Amount
10.04. 590

Acupuncture (incl.
heat treatment)

6 10 1 0 60 CHF
17.04. 590 10575
12 10 1 0 120 CHF

*Tax point value