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Product BeneFit PLUS

Information on the BeneFit PLUS product for interested doctors

In the first instance, insured persons covered by BeneFit PLUS-general practitioner (group practice) should consult their selected doctor for every illness. This offering is the Helsana Group's contractual insurance for general practitioners. The general practitioner search shows you all the doctors who participate in BeneFit PLUS.

Contract-based collaboration

Helsana concludes contracts with doctors' networks and group practices. There are no individual contracts with doctors. The contracts stipulate the requirements, such as the obligation to take part in quality circles, the transfer process and financial co-responsibility. Helsana compensates the doctors' networks for the coordination and quality work they perform.

Quality aspect

A high standard of quality is essential for BeneFit PLUS. Committed and innovative gatekeepers are needed to implement the quality objectives.

Doctors benefit from the regular sharing of information and experience in quality circles, the CIR, close collaboration and ongoing training, etc. In return, patients enjoy many advantages such as coordinated treatment and good support from committed general practitioners, one single contact person with whom there is a close relationship of trust, no unpleasant multiple examinations and much more besides. The premium discount for policyholders is, of course, an attractive secondary benefit.

Participation in BeneFit PLUS

General practitioners who are interested and wish to participate join a contractually integrated network of doctors (unless they belong to one already). The doctors' networks have different admission conditions for new doctors. After signing an admission declaration, the doctor is admitted to the BeneFit PLUS list of general practitioners.


If you are a doctor interested in participating actively in BeneFit PLUS, please address your enquiry directly to a doctors' network which collaborates with the Helsana Group on a contractual basis.

List of contacts for doctors' networks which collaborate with the Helsana Group on a contractual basis (PDF, 106KB)

For detailed questions on contractual collaboration, please email us at: Thank you.