Information for specialists of complementary medicine

Complementary medicine (alternative medicine)

  1. Complementary medicine Tariff 590
  2. Standard invoice form
  3. Brochure for doctors, naturopaths and complementary therapists
  4. Questionnaire to clarify benefits

Complementary medicine Tariff 590

HELSANA has drawn up a standard tariff for complementary benefits together with CONDORDIA, CSS, GROUPE MUTUEL, SWICA, SANITAS and VISANA as well as the responsible professional bodies. The tariff has been coordinated and registered with SASIS. This has given rise to "Tariff no. 590 for outpatient complementary medicine benefits under VVG", valid throughout Switzerland, with over a hundred tariff figures.

You can download Tariff 590 from the SASIS website and use it to charge for services.

Please note:

  • From 1 January 2018 onwards, complementary medical benefits must be invoiced in accordance with Tariff 590.
  • Tariff 590 may be adjusted annually (as a rule on 1 January). We therefore ask you to use the valid Tariff 590 in each case and regularly check the latest information.
  • Some tariff items (e.g. tariff figure 1208 pharmacotherapy) are intended exclusively for naturopaths with a Swiss Federal Diploma. This information can be found in the tariff in the "Description" field. If you do not have this diploma, please use other items that correspond to your qualification (e.g. 1085 phytotherapy).
  • Services and complementary medicine treatments that are not included in the tariff can be shown on your invoices with the corresponding free text via tariff 999.
  • Please also provide details of complementary medicines and laboratory services with the corresponding tariff figures. Tariff item numbers are available for this purpose, e.g. 1310 for complementary medicines.

This is what the new invoice looks like:

Date Tariff Tariff figure

per 5 min.

per 5 Min.

TPV* VAT Amount
10.4 590

Acupuncture (incl.
heat treatment)

6 10 1 0 60 CHF
17.4 590


12 10 1 0 120 CHF

*Tax point value


Standard invoice form

Since 1 January 2017, you have been able to improve transparency by using the standardised invoice form for complementary medicine benefits to charge for the services provided under Tariff 590. The advantages are that our joint customers receive their reimbursement faster and you can use the same invoice form to bill all health insurers.

The invoice form with the 2D matrix code offering enhanced protection against counterfeiting will become standard with effect from 1 April 2018. We recommend that you add the invoice form to your practice software (PDF, 37KB) showing all fields correctly.

If you only issue a few invoices each month, you can download the simplified invoice form from the secure area of any of the common registers. We use the ErfahrungsMedizinisches Register (EMR) in Basel for registrations and would recommend that you download the form from myEMR. Please note that the form does not contain any additional functionalities and is not compatible with all operating systems, notably macOS.

Further information on this topic can be found in the letter (PDF, 215KB) sent to all complementary therapists, in the guidelines for the invoice form (PDF, 168KB) and the FAQ (PDF, 217KB) .

If you have specific questions relating to invoicing, please send an e-mail to:


Brochure for doctors, naturopaths and complementary therapists

We present our insurance products for complementary medicine in our Information brochure (PDF, 901KB) for doctors, naturopaths and complementary therapists. You can also find our more about how we proceed in accounting and controlling services.


Questionnaire to clarify benefits

The Helsana Group reimburses 75% of the costs of complementary medicine up to an unlimited amount from the SANA and COMPLETA supplementary insurances, provided that the treatment is medically necessary.

If the treatment takes longer or is unclear, our complementary medicine specialists contact our clients. The further course of action is discussed on the phone or a report/questionnaire allows the cost approval to be reviewed.

By filling out the questionnaire for doctors, naturopaths or complementary therapists in detail, you allow us to quickly review the co-payment and we can provide our joint clients with reliable information regarding the next steps.

Please send your fully completed questionnaire (PDF, 90KB) ito the following address:

Helsana AG
Customer Service
Complementary Medicine Specialist
P.O. Box
9008 St. Gallen