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Amazing heart stories

Sex after a heart attack?

Sexuelle Aktivitäten Is OK after a few weeks. Researchers compared sexual activities of varying intensity. Kissing and caressing is like taking a slow walk, while an orgasm is like crossing the road quickly.

The heart pumps 17,000 litres of blood every day

Herz A healthy heart beats around 70 times per minute – 100,000 beats per day. It pumps a total of 17,000 litres of blood through the body to deliver oxygen.

Calcified coronary arteries in Ancient Egypt

Mumien Researchers diagnosed a 3,500-year old mummy of an Egyptian princess with arteriosclerosis.

Music by Bach lowers blood pressure

Lieblingsmusik At the end of 2013, researchers at the Ruhr University in Bochum proved in an experiment that music has a positive effect on blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. Bach's music worked best. Heavy metal fans who listened to their favourite music also experienced a drop in blood pressure.

Heart attacks and strokes usually occur in the morning

Morgenstund hat nicht immer Gold im Mund Most heart attacks and strokes happen between 6.00 and 10.00 in the morning. The reason seems to be a protein that affects the sleep-wake cycle.

Women’s hearts beat quicker

Das Herz einer Frau Women's hearts beat faster than those of men: 8 beats per minute faster.