March 2016

“Volunteering job board”

Number cruncher

Kassier As treasurer of the club, you will be responsible for our accounts, including the annual financial statements. You will also compile and present club budgets. You have long-standing financial experience and can commit to about one hour per week on average.

Is your club aware of your skills? Communicate your willingness to take on additional duties.

Organisational talent for OC team

OK Team Have you been a member of a club for a long time and would you like to get more involved in future? For instance, by joining the OC team and coordinating events, rostering staff or as a communications expert and media spokesperson.

Ask your club how you can get involved beyond being a member.

Paramedic at events

Sanitäter Where there are large crowds of people, medical emergencies often occur. That is why we need you! You are a qualified paramedic, respond calmly in hectic situations and never lose sight of the overall picture – even in large crowds of people. coordinates volunteers at sporting events; paramedic training course are available at

Are you a jack of all trades?

Springer You feel comfortable being a small but indispensable link in the chain at major events. You are our joker in the capacity of a substitute worker! We can rely on you when necessary: be it ticketing, in logistics or merchandising.

More information: or contact organisers of major events directly.

Transporting goods at major events

Transport A lot of work goes into staging a major event: material must be transported; stages and spectator stands need to be set up. Your muscle-power is called for here. If you have a driving licence and can knuckle down, then you have come to the right place. or contact organisers of major events directly.

Assistance for VIP guests

VIP Make sure that our VIP visitors want for nothing despite all the commotion during a major event. For example, you will accompany the VIPs from the entrance to the lounge and serve them food and drink. You are respectable, discrete and have impeccable manners.

More information is available at or contact organisers of major events directly.

Help others to find a job

Job We are looking for men and women with lots of professional experience who support jobseekers and mentor them. You will advise migrants, qualified immigrants and repatriates or young people on entering the professional world.

More information is available at, or from the cantonal integration authorities.

Spend a week on a farm

Bauernhilfe Möchtest du hautnah miterleben, was es auf einem Bauernhof tagtäglich zu tun gibt, und selbst anpacken? Du hilfst zum Beispiel im Kuhstall, beim Heuen oder bei der Ernte. Über tatkräftige Mithilfe freuen sich über 800 Bauernfamilien in der Schweiz. (for young people aged 14 to 25) (for adults).

Helping hands during the grape harvest

Winzern Travel to the vineyards of Western Switzerland for a few days and support a motivated team of volunteers during the grape harvest. As an additional benefit, you can brush up your French and get to know the country and people. Prerequisites: at least 16 years of age and flexible where dates are concerned because the grape harvest is highly weather-dependent.

Santa wanted

Samichlaus Learn the traditional Santa trade as Father Christmas and be promoted to the highly respected Santa Clause. Prerequisites: you enjoy slipping into other roles, are spontaneous and experienced in dealing with families. What we offer: shining children’s eyes. provides an overview of the regional Santa Clause societies.

Does writing come naturally to you?

Schreibhilfe You write fluently and correctly, strike the right tone when dealing with the authorities and are familiar with labour market conventions. Help other people to write letters, applications, CVs, etc.

Writing services are offered by, amongst others,, the cantonal offices of or by local administrations.

Social integration of children of migrants

Migrationskinder Welcome a foreign child into your family for a few hours every week and play, cook or read together. In do so, you will familiarise them with our culture and promote mutual understanding.

More information is available from the cantonal integration authorities, or