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2013 Topics

November issue Senso 4 2013

  • Care at home: who will look after us today, and tomorrow?
  • Smoking: the tragic story of Isolde Rauschert, who has lung disease.
  • Long-term care insurance: how to protect your savings in the event of long-term care.
  • Skiing fun for the whole family: Olympic champion Tanja Frieden offers tips for smaller skiers.

September issue Senso 3 2013

  • Health literacy enables people to live with disease.
  • More and more outpatient treatments: outpatient procedures are in vogue. How Helsana is responding.
  • Helsana Trails: Max Brügger, the man behind the Simmental trail.
  • Supplementary hospital insurance: Helsana definitively lowers premiums for private and semi-private treatment.

May issue
Senso 2 2013

  • Up and away. tips for carefree travel
  • Travel first-aid kit: the medications you must take with you.
  • Running: how to make your feet fit for the running season.
  • Repatriation: what happens behind the scenes.

February issue Senso 1 2013

  • Hospitals in Switzerland: one look back, three looks into the future.
  • Excellence: an interview with Chairman Thomas D. Szucs.
  • New approaches: Geneva "health house" as an alternative to hospital.
  • Children's spectacles: what you need to know if your child needs glasses