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November issue Senso 4 2012

  • "Next, please." who provides for us, who helps us, who heals us.
  • Eye protection: an expert reveals what to look for in winter.
  • Fitness: with a weekly schedule you can keep yourself fit for next season.
  • Innovative drugs: how the seriously ill can be helped faster.

September issue Senso 3 2012

  • The first few months in your own apartment: a report from shared accommodation
  • Health insurance: an insurance adviser explains what new customers should know
  • 2013 insurance year: Head of Products Jurg Stupp explains the changes
  • Private hospitals: four-star hotels with personal medical care

May issue Senso 2 2012

  • Everyday exercise. Tips from Viktor Röthlin
  • Helsana's product offering: top quality and excellent value for money
  • A study confirms: doctors working in a team are more efficient
  • How Georg Sporri built the Helsana Trail in miles

February issue Senso 1 2012

  • Good friendships are the basis for a healthy psyche
  • Pharmacies also functioning as a point of contact for health problems
  • Depression: a new offer from Helsana
  • Positive outlook: CEO Daniel H. Schmutz on reserves and premium development