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Previous issues of “Aktuell” customer magazine

Read “Aktuell” for more information on your customer benefits at Helsana, about products, events, promotions and our commitment. You will find helpful tips and advice on services. Four times a year in your mailbox and in the online version here.

Aktuel 3/2019 (September)

Cover Aktuell 03-2019 DE – Drama on holiday: Helsana customer Seiler talks about his cardiac emergency in Thailand

– What benefits the new myHelsana app provides you with

– Tips for saving on premiums and leading a healthy lifestyle

– What is pushing up healthcare costs? Eight facts

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Les Mosses (VD)

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Aktuel 2/2019 (July)

Cover Aktuell 02-2019 DE – Picture story: thanks to Stefanie Gauchat, there is a new Helsana trail in La Neuveville

– The benefits of the myHelsana client portal

– Summer recipe: cook and earn points with Helsana+

– No chance for credit card fraud

– Agents – how to proceed

– Portrait of the Helsana trail in Kirchberg (canton of St. Gallen)

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Aktuel 1/2019 (May)

Cover Aktuell 01-2019 DE – Health apps: How to improve your well-being.

– Tick warning! Tips from the expert.

– How fit are you? Have this tested at the Helsana health bus close to you.

– Who will pay for our care when we're old? Overview of current scenarios.

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Häutlingen

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Aktuel 4/2018 (November)

Cover Aktuell 04-2018 DE – Socially committed: how Dr Floh, avatar Nao and Jonas provide rays of hope

– Why are medication costs increasing? The Drug Report presents the facts

– How you can benefit from our health videos

– Squandering premiums? Costly administration? The great myths of health insurance

– How to protect yourself against the flu and other health tips

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Steffisburg​

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Aktuel 3/2018 (September)

Cover Aktuell 03-2018 DE – Money-saving tips and facts about your premium

– Holiday drama: Helsana customer Alice Herrmann tells of her skiing accident and what saved her

– Tips for your next trip abroad

– It is so easy to collect Helsana+ plus points with your sporting activities

– When is it useful to seek a second opinion? Heart surgeon Thierry Carrel sheds light

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Stäfa: Exercise with a view of Lake Zurich

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Aktuel 2/2018 (June)

Cover Aktuell 02-2018 DE – Five Helsana+ users reveal how and why they collect Plus points

– Sun protection: dermatologist Hans Fischer exposes myths

– How you benefit from mail-order pharmacies

– Tips for your insurance cover abroad

– The latest Helsana premium report reveals some surprising facts

– Online shopping: how to protect yourself against fraudsters

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Mettauertal (canton of Aargau)

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Aktuell 1/2018 (March)

Cover Aktuell 01-2018 DE – How Jonas Schmid is preparing for the next Special Olympics competitions

– Simple explanations to the most frequently asked questions about the Helsana+ bonus programme

– Why and how Helsana supports you with respect to hospital fees

– Free lung test in the Helsana health bus

– Expert second opinion: find the optimal treatment

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Alle (JU)

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“Aktuell” 3/2017 (September)

Cover Aktuell 03 17 – How to collect Plus points with the Helsana+ app and enjoy many benefits

– Visiting the children's hospital with the artist “Dottor Professore”

– Six tips for saving on premiums

– Why alternative insurance models make sense

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Münchenbuchsee (BE)

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“Aktuell” 2/2017 (June)

Cover Aktuell 02 17 – Tips for complementary and conventional medicines to add to your travel first-aid kit

– Avatar kids: Commitment to sick children like Timea

– Tips from the experts on how to protect yourself while abroad

– Outpatient treatment: insurance cover without any gaps

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Kriens (LU)

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“Aktuell” 1/2017 (April)

Cover Aktuell 01 17 – Helsana’s hospital search: Quickly find the perfect hospital

– Swiss unicycle hockey team goes to European championship – thanks to “I believe in you”

– Hayfever: Tips from naturopath Oliver Bassler

– Cyber bullying – how the lawyer Ionnis Martinis helps victims

– Portrait of Helsana Trail in Cardada (TI)

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