Preventive Case Management

PCM Grafik

Work-related stress, problems in your personal life or financial difficulties – all these are factors that may affect your well-being and health sooner or later. If recognised too late, they can lead to serious illness and incapacity to work. As an employer, you can offer your employees early support through preventive Case Management (PCM) from Helsana.

Why is early detection so important?

Problems often become apparent early on in interpersonal relations. The earlier health impairments are identified and support measures introduced, the more likely it is the person concerned will be able to keep working.

Preventive Case Management – for all situations in life

The analysis, action plan and support that comes with preventative Case Management covers various aspects of life: professional considerations are taken into account as much as health-related aspects and personal and financial circumstances.

Early warning signals

Preventive Case Management is recommended if, for example, you notice the following signs or changes in the behaviour of one of your employees:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Fluctuations in performance
  • Social withdrawal
  • Noticeably more conflicts with colleagues, bosses or customers
  • Repeated complaints about e.g. physical problems, tiredness or nerves
  • A change in appearance

How you benefit from our preventive Case Management as an employer

  • We offer you a professional advisory service for your employees, aimed at preventing work absences due to various circumstances.
  • Short routes towards offering your employees advice, without the need for extensive administration.
  • All-round support – we offer your employees support before they become unable to work. However, should this happen, we continue to offer the employee support during this period of absence.

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