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Other methods of payment

In addition to the e-billing and direct debit payment methods, you can also pay your invoices at the post office counter or via e-banking/PostFinance. Please note the following:

Making a payment at the post office counter

Carrying large amounts of cash is always risky. If you would still like to make a payment at the post office counter, then please use the original paying-in slip. Please contact us if you have lost the slip – we will happily send you a new one. Only in this way will we be able to match your payment with the corresponding invoice. Please avoid filling out paying-in slips by hand.

Cash payments at the post office counter are not only time-consuming, they also cost money: Every year, the Helsana Group pays millions of francs in fees for this. Help us to keep our administrative expenses as low as possible. For easy, fast payment transactions, we recommend using the direct debiting service (LSV) offered by the banks, Swiss Direct Debit (CH-DD) from PostFinance or e-billing.

Transfers with e-banking

When making manual payments with e-banking, it is important that you enter the correct reference number and the exact amount – even when using payment templates. This is the only way to ensure that your payment is processed in a correct and timely manner.

If you prefer not to type up the paying-in slip, we recommend using e-billing. Instead of a paper copy, the invoice is delivered directly to your e-banking system. There, you can review the invoice and pay it with one mouse click.

We advise against transfers based on a standing order. If you have set up a standing order, the reference number will not be consistent with that of the invoice since every invoice has its own unique reference number. It is important that the paying-in slip for the correct month or the correct payment period is used. To ensure that your payment is processed quickly and correctly, we recommend the direct debiting service (LSV) offered by the banks, Swiss Direct Debit (CH-DD) offered by PostFinance or e-billing. Please contact customer service if you have any questions

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