Interesting facts about premiums

Did you know that women pay more for health insurance than men? Read about this and other interesting facts from the Helsana premium report on health insurance premiums here.

Only around 30 percent of the Swiss population is currently insured under the standard model. Some 70 percent of insureds pay at least 12 percent less in premiums because they have chosen the general practitioner or telemedicine model. And did you know that there are over 240,000 different premiums? That is the result of the various insurance companies, insurance models, deductibles, whether or not accidents are included or excluded, the age of the insured person, and the region where they live.

Principle of solidarity adjusts premiums

If the insurance collectives insured under discount models were independent insurance pools, discount model premiums would be lower. In contrast, premiums for standard models would be higher. But this is where our solidarity principle sets limits for premiums. The standard model has a low deductible and people who are ill usually take out this kind of insurance whereas healthy people tend to opt for an alternative insurance model. This means healthy policyholders pay a solidarity contribution towards the insurance of sick people.

Premium price gap between cantons closing in terms of percentages

Premium prices also differ from canton to canton. Premiums in the canton of Zurich are actually similar to the premium rate that would have to apply throughout Switzerland if standard premium rates were levied. Whereas in the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, premiums would have to be increased by around CHF 900. However, in terms of percentages, these differences are getting smaller and smaller.

Women spend more on premiums

Another interesting fact is that women spend more on average on their health insurance than men, even though basic insurance premiums do not differ according to gender. Women obviously opt for more expensive models than men and therefore pay higher premiums across all age groups.


Why health insurance premiums are going up

Health insurance premiums go up every year. Read here to find out which factors are driving healthcare costs upwards and where the money goes.

Premium development and saving tips

EB member Rudolf Bruder explains why the standard model's average premium has little meaning and how you can optimise your premium.

Optimally insured

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