Health promotion

New Trail?

The more Helsana Trails there are, the more exciting it becomes – for you and everyone in Switzerland who is keen on exercise. Would you like to open a new Helsana Trail? If you want to take the initiative and recommend a location, you can find out more about the criteria and the procedure here.

Neuer Helsana-Trail Is there no Helsana Trail in your area? Or do you know a regular running route that could be turned into a Trail? Contact us to find out what the options are, or use the application form for a new Helsana Trail.

Since the first trail was opened in 2003, Helsana has been working with Ryffel Running and Swiss Athletics to expand the network of Trails. Helsana is happy to help you with advice on setting up a Trail and will provide all the signage materials absolutely free. The Trail administrators will be responsible for the Trail and will take care of permits and signage of the Helsana Trail. Trail administrators also receive annual compensation for maintenance of Trails.

Applying for a new Helsana Trail

Your involvement makes a difference; we are always looking for new locations that are suitable for Helsana Trails. Please send your application for a new Trail to our partner, Swiss Athletics (Swiss Athletics, Haus des Sports, P.O. Box, 3000 Berne 22) by 15 August of this year. You will receive written confirmation of whether the Trail will be set up during the following year by the end of November.

Application form (German) (PDF, 77KB)