Medical aids

You can get various medical aids on attractive terms thanks to exclusive agreements with various suppliers. These include diabetes products, medical aids for respiratory problems and incontinence, as well as electric nursing beds and hip protectors.

Diabetes products

Roche Diabetes Care offers insulin pumps and blood glucose meter systems under the Accu-Chek brand, including digital diabetes management solutions such as the mySugr app. These products and solutions help people with diabetes to enjoy life to the fullest.

Your benefits

  • Discounts on all blood glucose monitoring products and on insulin pen needles
  • Monthly lump sum for all required accessories for insulin pump therapy within the basic insurance scope of reimbursement
  • Simple blood glucose monitoring with hygienic test strip ejector
  • Free use of the mySugr logbook app (pro version) with a linked Accu-Chek blood glucose meter device
  • Direct invoicing of Helsana
Roche Diabetes Care: Accu-Chek (in German)

Inhalation and respiratory therapy apparatus

The partners sell high-quality products and supplies such as respiratory masks and devices for the following therapies:

  • Inhalation therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • CPAP therapy

Your benefits

  • Particularly favourable terms for hire of respiratory devices; applies to equipment and devices pursuant to statutory service obligations
  • Helsana long-term discount for the purchase of supplies or other products from the extensive range of accessories (masks, filters, etc.)
  • Direct invoicing of Helsana
CSaiR Sàrl Löwenstein Medical Schweiz AG Lungenliga Schweiz Lunge Zürich Philips AG Home Healthcare Solutions Respironics ResMed Schweiz AG VitalAire Schweiz AG SOS Oxygène SA

Incontinence aids

Thanks to the collaboration between the Helsana Group and Attends, Balgrist Tec AG and Weita, our clients can procure incontinence aids at exclusive rates.

Incontinence aids from Attends

Attends products bear the proDERM quality seal. Across Europe, they are the only dermatologically tested and approved incontinence products with excellent skin tolerance results.

Your benefits

  • A discount of at least 42% on the retail price of incontinence aids from Attends in bulk packs
  • Free samples
  • Attends can get your prescription directly from your doctor on request
  • No advance payment is required from you – direct billing and settlement with us for cases of a moderate level of incontinence and above (a medical prescription is required)

Incontinence aids from TENA (Balgrist Tec AG)

Balgrist Tec AG offers high-quality incontinence products provided by the market leader TENA.

Your benefits

  • Competent personal consultations 
  • Discount of up to 45% on TENA incontinence products
  • Free samples
  • Direct invoicing of Helsana
  • Reimbursement by Helsana from a moderate level of incontinence (with a medical prescription)
  • Fast, reliable and discreet delivery 

Incontinence aids from iD

You receive a 45% discount on incontinence aids made by the quality brand iD. The products are dermatologically tested and do not cause skin irritation.

Your benefits

  • 45% discount on Weita’s retail price for iD incontinence aids
  • Free sample packs
  • No advance payment – direct billing and settlement with us for cases of a moderate level of incontinence and above (a medical prescription is required)
Attends Balgrist Tec AG Weita

Electric nursing beds

You can hire or buy high-quality electric nursing beds at an exceptionally low price if you have taken out a TOP or COMPLETA supplementary insurance policy.

Your benefits

  • Payment of monthly hire of CHF 63 for standard electric nursing beds for a period of up to 2 years
  • If you buy an electric nursing bed you receive up to a maximum of CHF 2,500, from which 65% of the hire costs that we have paid for a maximum period of 24 months will be deducted
  • Payment of CHF 250 for the delivery and assembly of hired electric nursing beds
  • Payment of CHF 280 for dismantling and return of hired electric nursing beds
  • Exclusive long-term discount of at least 12% for the purchase of electric nursing beds or other products from the reclining furniture range (mattresses, side tables, etc.)
  • Exclusive discount of up to max. 25% on mattresses that you purchase from our contractual partners
  • Exclusive long-term discount of at least 10% for hire of other products from the reclining furniture range (other beds, mattresses, side tables, etc.)
  • Direct billing and settlement with us for hired electric nursing beds

(All costs are exclusive of VAT.)

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Hip protectors

Hip protectors are designed to protect against thigh fractures. They consist of a pair of padded pants and two protectors that are inserted into the lateral compartments of the pants to provide protection to the thigh bone. In the event of a fall, the soft pads over the thigh bone cushion the impact. In many cases, this prevents a thigh fracture.

To enable clients like you to buy hip protectors at particularly reduced rates, Helsana has entered into a partnership with well-known manufacturer PD Care.

Your benefits

  • At least 24% discount on a pair of padded pants and a pair of protectors
  • Padded pants made of high-quality cotton and spandex
  • Pair of protectors made of soft foam
PD Care

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