Sector agreement: advantages for insured persons

The “agent” sector agreement has been in force since 1 January 2021. It prohibits cold calling and ensures quality standards for agents. Helsana was a strong supporter of this agreement in the interests of its customers.


Our customers’ concerns are very important to us. This is why we supported the introduction of the “agent” sector agreement for the benefit of our insured persons. It means that they are no longer bothered by cold calls, while the new quality standards ensure better advice. 50 health insurance companies have already joined Helsana in signing the sector agreement.

Advantages for insured persons

No more annoying phone calls

The sector agreement prohibits cold calling. It means that Helsana partners are not allowed to phone potential customers if

  • The partners do not have any business relationship with these customers;
  • It has been more than 36 months since they were last customers;
  • The customers in question have opted out*;
  • They have a blocking notice in telephone directories – for example the * entry;
  • The potential customers are not being contacted based on the recommendation of a third party they know.

This means that you are no longer bothered by unwanted phone calls.

* Opting-out means that customers have to actively object to being sent advertisements or to their personal data being saved.

Expert advice

Helsana has made a commitment to only work with agents that meet the defined telemarketing quality standards. All advisors also have to be registered with Cicero with effect from 1 July 2022. Cicero is the further training register for insurance agents and is also the seal of quality for expert customer advice. Both measures are designed to improve the quality of advice provided.

This means that the binding quality standards allow you to benefit from even better advice.

More information on the sector agreement (in German)

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