Discontinuation of COMPLETA EXTRA insurance

As of 8 September 2023, the outpatient supplementary insurance COMPLETA EXTRA will be considered a “closed portfolio” in accordance with Article 156 of the Supervision Ordinance (AVO). This means: we will retain the current policyholders but will no longer sell this product to new customers.


What does this mean for you?

You already have COMPLETA EXTRA

You can keep COMPLETA EXTRA for as long as you wish. You will also continue to be entitled to all benefits and services in line with the applicable insurance conditions. The premiums for supplementary insurance with a closed portfolio can rise more sharply however than for supplementary insurance without closed portfolios.

You wish to upgrade your COMPLETA insurance cover

If you already have COMPLETA, you can extend your insurance cover with COMPLETA PLUS (start of insurance from 1 January 2024). You will receive supplementary cost contributions for prevention, spectacles, complementary medicine, health promotion and more.

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