Insurance policy

You policy acts as proof that you are insured with us. It also includes everything you need to know about your insurance contract.

Structure of an insurance policy

First page: Premium overview

On the first page, you can find your monthly insurance premium – divided by basic insurance and supplementary insurance. It also shows the frequency of your premium payments.

Second page: Overview of basic insurance

On the second page, you will find the details of your compulsory health insurance:

  • chosen insurance model
  • information on accident cover
  • information on the annual deductible
  • monthly insurance premium for compulsory healthcare insurance

Third page: Overview of supplementary insurance

From the third page onwards, you will find all the information you need to know about your supplementary insurance:

  • types of supplementary insurance you have taken out
  • additional information on the insured benefits
  • inclusion or exclusion of accident cover, including premium share
  • monthly insurance premium

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