Avoiding double insurance

Check your insurance to avoid double insurance. You can suspend your insurance cover or cancel it completely in the following cases.

Accident cover under basic insurance

If you are employed by the same employer for at least eight hours a week, you are insured against both occupational and non-occupational accidents through their accident insurance. That means you can exclude accident cover from your compulsory health insurance policy because your employer's accident insurance covers the costs of treatment. Your premium is reduced by 7%.

Good to know

If you leave your job, you remain insured against non-occupational accidents for a period of 31 days after the end of the employment relationship (so-called extension of cover). Don't forget to include accident cover in your health insurance again afterwards.

Excluding accident cover

Accident cover under supplementary insurance

It is generally possible to exclude accident cover from voluntary supplementary insurance, but gaps in your cover may arise. Unlike basic insurance, you are not insured through your employer. Certain benefits, including complementary medicine, medication not covered by basic insurance and additional services such as Fast Track and Expert Second Opinion, are not covered by private accident insurance. Please contact your employer/accident insurer for information before excluding accident cover.

Insurance during military service

If you are engaged in military service for more than 60 consecutive days, you are insured directly through the military.

Suspend your basic insurance before beginning service. To do this, simply send us the marching orders or confirmation that you have started military service. At the end of your military service, please send us the extract from your Dienstbüchlein as confirmation. 

Good to know: Suspension is only possible for compulsory health insurance. 

Travelling and studying abroad

If you are planning a long trip or studies abroad, ask yourself the following before you leave:

  • Am I insured through my university/school in the country in which I am travelling/studying?
  • If yes, with which benefits?
  • Are they valid in the event of illness or an accident?
  • Am I de-registering from the municipality in which I reside?

If you take up permanent residence abroad and are no longer subject to the Swiss insurance obligation, you can suspend your insurance cover as of the date of de-registration.

Moving abroad

As soon as you take up permanent residence abroad and de-register in Switzerland, all of your healthcare and accident insurance requirements, rights and obligations change.

Should your insurance obligation continue because you are in employment, receiving a pension, daily allowance (daily sickness/accident allowance) or unemployment benefit, we would be happy to provide you with personal advice on how to proceed.

Our International Center is available on 058 340 18 80 (monday to friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m). 

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