Payment slip

You can also settle your invoices using the payment slips we send you by mail – either at the post office counter or via e-banking.

How it works

  • At the post office counter, you can settle the invoice in cash using the original payment slip. 
  • When paying via e-banking, enter the reference number and the invoice amount, then execute the payment.

Good to know

  • Please note that the post office charges us a fee if you pay over the counter. Every year, the Helsana Group pays millions of francs for such transfers. We therefore advise against payment at the post office counter. After all, the administrative costs that we can save as a result ultimately also have a positive effect on premiums. 
  • We advise against setting up a standing order. Each invoice has its own reference number. This cannot be taken into account with a standing order.
  • If you use myHelsana, we recommend that you pay your invoices via direct debit or eBill. This way, you don't have to copy the payment slip details into your online banking system every month. 

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