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If you have been waiting for your new insurance card for more than four weeks or have lost your current card, you can get help here.

Good to know

  • Your insurance card is personal and non-transferable.
  • You will receive a new card automatically when the old one expires. 
  • The insurance card contains your 13-digit social insurance number and a microchip, as required by legal provisions. 
  • Please show your insurance card any time you need to see adoctor, go to hospital or visit a pharmacy, whether at home or abroad. This will simplify the billing process with Helsana and help to save costs.
  • If you only have supplementary insurance with the Helsana Group, you will receive a supplementary insurance card. The reverse side of your supplementary insurance card does not follow the European standard.

Order a new insurance card online

You can order a new insurance card via myHelsana or using your insurance number.

Insurance card for compulsory health insurance

Front and reverse side of an insurance card for compulsory health insurance.

Supplementary insurance card without compulsory healthcare insurance with the Helsana Group

Front and reverse side of a supplementary insurance card.

Important information about insurance cards

No. If you have concluded basic insurance with the Helsana Group, the reverse of your insurance card is also your European insurance card. It looks the same in all European countries so that doctors and hospitals can recognise the card immediately. If you become ill or have an accident in an EU or EFTA country, the card ensures that you receive all the necessary treatment and medical care. In such cases, the medical care you receive will be subject to the fees and legal provisions of the country in question.

The reverse side of your supplementary insurance card will not follow the European standard if you have not concluded basic insurance with the Helsana Group.

If you lose your insurance card, contact us immediately so we can block your card and send you a new one. In this case, your emergency medical data will be lost and you will need to have it re-entered when you next see your doctor or visit your hospital. If your insurance card is damaged, or you terminate your insurance cover with us, please destroy the card.

Yes. If you use the myHelsana app, you always have your digital
insurance card with you. When you go to the doctor’s surgery, a pharmacy or hospital, simply show the digital insurance card (image and barcode) on your smartphone at the reception or till so they can capture your details. The service provider receives your card information digitally and can immediately identify you.

Good to know: Service providers are not obliged to accept digital insurance cards.

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