If you do not wish to have any more children, a vasectomy is the definitive (and thus the safest) form of contraception.

What's worth knowing about vasectomy

In men, a vasectomy (ligation) is a reliable, permanent method of contraception. It is a medical procedure that results in permanent infertility; attempts to reverse a vasectomy may be undertaken, but they are frequently unsuccessful. This method should therefore only be considered after family planning is complete.

A vasectomy is usually performed in a doctor's office or hospital under local anaesthesia, and the procedure takes just under an hour. It involves severing (resecting) or closing off (ligating) the spermatic ducts.

A vasectomy has no impact on libido or the ability to get an erection. The appearance and quantity of the ejaculate does not change noticeably. Unneeded sperm cells whose natural transport path has been blocked by the vasectomy die off after production and are metabolised by the body.