In the case of a transplant, we will reimburse both the organ recipient and the donor for incurred costs as per the contractual arrangement. Any agreement is subject to the provisions of the Transplant Act.

What's worth knowing about transplants

Are you an organ recipient or would you like to donate your organs? Then the following information may be helpful to you.

Organ recipients

A transplant is an operation in which a sick organ is replaced by a healthy one. The healthy organ is taken from a living or deceased donor. Organ transplants are carried out in patients who have no other remaining medical treatment options.

Health insurers cover the costs – for both the recipient and the donor – under the recipient's basic insurance. The donor's dependants do not incur any costs.

Organ donors

Living organ donation usually occurs between family members.

Cadaver organ harvest is only possible if the donor's death has been conclusively established and consent for organ donation was given.

Persons aged 16 and older may fill out an organ donor card. The card stipulates whether organs may be extracted and if so, which organs, tissue or cells may be used in the event of the person's death. You should also inform your family members of your wishes.

You can find additional important information at Swisstransplant - National foundation for organ donation and transplantation.