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Outpatient care helps you get back on your feet after a hospital stay. If you need support following a hospital stay or need care after an illness, basic health insurance can offer you an important financial contribution.

Benefits covered by the insurance

Agreed daily benefitsVereinbartes Taggeld

If you have any questions, contact your provider or your community authorities to find out about how meals services are organised in your area

In the case of a proven need for care, you receive the contractually agreed daily benefits, which you can use at your full discretion (without any obligation to show how you have spent it) - for example, for a meals service.

The amount of daily benefits you receive depends on the coverage option you have selected and the level of care you need.


  • A doctor's certificate that confirms that you require care for more than six months.
  • You must need a level of care of at least 25%.

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