Spitex / Outpatient care / Long-term care / Household help

Outpatient care helps you get back on your feet after a hospital stay. If you need support following a hospital stay or need care after an illness, basic health insurance can offer you an important financial contribution.

What's worth knowing about Spitex (Outpatient care / Long-term care / Household help)

You may need help following an inpatient hospital stay. If family and friends are unable to offer this help, Spitex is an option.

Spitex is an organisation that employs various specialists such as qualified nurses, nursing auxiliaries and caregivers. In addition to Spitex, there are also independent healthcare specialists who offer this help.

Outpatient care

These specialists provide comprehensive care and assist with many activities such as personal hygiene, wound treatment and dosing of medicines. If necessary, they also provide palliative care and/or serve as a companion.

Household help

Most organisations also offer household help such as cleaning and shopping. We are not allowed to assume these costs under basic insurance. We recommend supplementary hospital insurance to close this gap.

For more information about Spitex organisations, please contact your municipality.

Helplessness allowance

Unfortunately, optimal care always involves high costs. Regrettably, Spitex benefits are not fully covered by health insurance and the canton. A helplessness allowance can help in the event of financial difficulties.

Helplessness allowance can be applied for by people who are domiciled or live in Switzerland and who receive an AHV pension and/or additional benefits and can prove that they have suffered from uninterrupted severe or moderate helplessness for at least one year. If the person is receiving care at home, mild helplessness is sufficient. Those receiving pensions from compulsory accident insurance or military insurance are not entitled to a helplessness allowance.

For more detailed information or to apply, please contact your municipality.