Life is becoming faster and faster; we expect more, while others expect more of us; and we never have enough time. This can affect our well-being. Psychotherapy can help develop a healthy way of dealing with these strains, which is why it is gaining in significance.

What's worth knowing about psychotherapy

Are you suffering psychological consequences from a difficult experience, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder? Is this making it difficult for you to perform familiar, everyday activities? In this case, psychotherapy might be exactly what you need.

Psychotherapists treat psychological disorders, which may also be the result of a physical illness. Communicative techniques and practical exercises enable you – either as an individual or part of a group – to develop strategies for coping with your problems. The therapists have a background in medicine, psychology or social education.

Psychotherapy is not the same as counselling psychology, which is aimed at helping your personal development rather than treating an illness.