Nursing home

If you have to be cared for in a nursing home, we are able to assume all recognised care services under basic insurance. With supplementary insurance CURA or VIVANTE, you have the option to insure costs that go beyond basic insurance.

What's worth knowing about nursing home

Nowadays, it is nice to be able to remain in one's own home as long as possible.

If it is no longer possible to be cared for at home, another solution must be found.

One option may be to move into a nursing home. You receive some of the costs of care from basic insurance and a portion is paid by the canton. You are also responsible for covering some of the costs yourself,

usually the accommodation expenses. A corresponding supplementary insurance offers you financial support.

Helplessness allowance

Unfortunately, optimal care always involves high costs. A helplessness allowance can help in the event of financial difficulties.

Helplessness allowance can be applied for by people who are domiciled or live in Switzerland who have an AHV retirement pension and/or receive additional benefits and can prove that they have suffered from uninterrupted severe or moderate helplessness for at least one year. If the person is receiving care at home, mild helplessness is sufficient. Those receiving pensions from compulsory accident insurance or military insurance are not entitled to a helplessness allowance.

For more detailed information or to apply, please contact your municipality.