Nanny Service

If you are a parent and have to go into hospital, it's only natural for you to worry about who will take care of your children. It's at times like this that our Nanny Service offers fast, easy childcare - at home, in a familiar environment.

The service takes care of your children at home, in a familiar environment.

What's worth knowing about this topic? - Nanny Service

Imagine if you had a three-year-old son and you had to go into hospital for a while. Finding qualified care for your son quickly is difficult, especially if you've been taken ill suddenly or have had an accident and the hospital stay is unplanned.

When that happens, we offer the Nanny Service – a ground-breaking service that enables you to recover in hospital without worry.

How the Nanny Service works: an example

Sarah Baumann is married, 35 years old, has a son Frederic and is pregnant with her second child. She is admitted to hospital for monitoring due to pregnancy complications and because her husband works, he cannot take care of Frederic during the day.

She calls the organisation centre (Tel. +41 58 340 16 11) and explains her situation. Within a few hours, our Nanny Service organises a qualified carer who looks after Frederic at the Baumanns' house, plays with him and prepares small meals. This means Sarah doesn't have to worry about Frederic while she's in hospital.

Who can benefit from the Nanny Service?

The Nanny Service is the ideal supplementary service for parents, whether they're working or not. The Nanny Service is available from Monday to Friday during regular working hours and ensures complete care in a familiar environment.

The Nanny Service is available for children up to 15 years of age.