Personal legal protection and motorists' legal protection

We support you in the event of disputes, for example with your landlord or with contractual disputes.

Benefits covered by the insurance

Helsana Advocare EXTRA
Up to CHF 1m per case

Legal advice and representation for legal disputes in the internet.

You receive up to CHF 1m per legal case for lawyers' fees (free choice of lawyer), court and trial fees, expert opinions, court-awarded costs and compensation, advances of bail. The insurance covers contractual disputes (e.g. in the case of purchase contracts concluded via the Internet), disputes as a victim of credit card misuse, phishing and hacking (misuse of your account data), disputes in connection with cyber mobbing, menace, extortion of blackmail, disputes resulting from the infringement of incopyright, name and trademark rights (e.g. unauthorised use of a picture).

You also receive legal support and the following financial benefits for victims of violent crime in the case of death or disability as well as for treatment costs and property loss and damage:

  • lump-sum benefit of CHF 150,000 in the event of death or CHF 300,000 in the event of full disability (without progression). If you're over the age of 65, you receive a lifelong pension instead of a lump-sum benefit.
  • Unlimited treatment costs for a period of five years supplementary to compulsory healthcare insurance, military insurance, Federal Disability Insurance or compulsory accident insurance.
  • Up to CHF 5,000 for damage to property that the insured was wearing or carrying.

Overview and comparison of benefits

Explanatory video on internet legal protection

Product information:
Helsana Advocare EXTRA