Personal legal protection and motorists' legal protection

We support you in the event of disputes, for example with your landlord or with contractual disputes.

What's worth knowing about personal and motorists' legal protection

Civil legal expenses insurance

What happens if your new computer starts causing problems the week after you bought it but the seller refuses to rectify the problems under the warranty? Or your employer refuses to compensate or pay for overtime that you were requested to work? Legal disputes can arise faster than you’d think, and asserting your rights can be difficult and sometimes very expensive in certain circumstances. It is in cases like this that civil legal expenses insurance comes to your aid, as well as in other situations such as disputes with your landlord or neighbours.

Transportation legal protection insurance

Imagine your vehicle is damaged in a rear-end collision for which you are not at fault, but the liability insurance of the person who caused the accident refuses to pay the damages you are entitled to. Or you are accused of having caused the accident yourself, the police charge you and administrative proceedings (confiscation of your driving licence) are launched against you. In these and in many other cases, you can count on the protection offered by your transportation legal protection insurance. Among other things, this type of insurance provides assistance with compensation claims related to vehicle purchases, leases, hires and repairs as well as with your defence in criminal proceedings.