Legal expenses cover in health matters and legal expenses cover abroad

We support you in the event of disputes, for example with doctors, hospitals or as the driver or hirer of vehicles during your holiday abroad.

What's worth knowing about healthcare and foreign legal protection insurance

Legal protection in health matters

Disputes can arise with regard to health-related matters. Doctors can make treatment errors and incorrect diagnoses, or you could get into a legal dispute with the Federal Disability Insurance (IV) if you believe that it has unfairly refused to pay benefits or rejected your application. These are two situations in which healthcare legal protection insurance will come to your aid. It covers advice and legal representation in the event of disputes with counterparties such as officially certified medical practitioners, hospitals and social and private insurance institutions.

Foreign legal protection insurance

Foreign legal protection insurance offers you support with legal disputes abroad in which you are involved as the driver, hirer or user of transportation or as a pedestrian during holidays and while attending foreign schools (including transport to and from the school). Even a simple rear-end collision can cause unforeseen problems. Language barriers have to be overcome and high legal and court fees may be incurred. Foreign legal protection insurance enables you to obtain the legal advice and assistance you need.