KidsCare (childcare)

If you take out supplementary hospital insurance for your child under the age of 15, we will support you with the family-friendly KidsCare service. If your child falls ill or has an accident and you have to go to work, we will quickly organise a qualified carer to nurse and look after your child.

What's worth knowing about this topic? - KidsCare

You know the situation: Your child is sick, so you simply cannot leave the house. But how can and should you arrange things for three days if both parents work? Or if you are a single working parent? Often, it is precisely moments like this when nobody is around to care for the sick child.

If you miss work, this can lead to problems. And you don't want to have to take vacation or unpaid leave.

This is precisely why we're offering a unique service that will allow you to remain calm in these types of situations: KidsCare.

How KidsCare works:

If your child (or one of your children) becomes ill or has an accident, you can simply call the emergency number +41 58 340 16 11. From there, a specially trained, qualified and experienced person is arranged, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, who comes to your home while you are at work in order to look after your child, care for or play with him or her, and do everything you need them to do so that your child gets well again as soon as possible.

This includes preparing meals, administering prescribed medication and transporting the child to kindergarten, school, etc. and home again (e.g. if he or she has a leg in a cast).

Who can benefit from KidsCare?

If you meet the following requirements, your child can benefit from KidsCare:

  • You are employed.
  • Your sick child has supplementary hospital insurance from a health insurance company in the Helsana Group (Helsana and Progrès).

For your child under the age of 15 years.