Hospital stay

Are you about to go into hospital?

Basic insurance covers essential medical care to restore you to health or keep you healthy. Supplementary hospital insurance gives you greater freedom of choice and a more comfortable room during an inpatient hospital stay anywhere in Switzerland and even some locations abroad.

Well before you're admitted to hospital, check out exactly what insurance cover you have taken out. You can find this information in your policy.

What's worth knowing about hospital stay

Are you about to be admitted for an inpatient hospital stay? Inform yourself in advance about your insurance cover. Basic insurance covers you for the general ward.

If you value your privacy and/or the ability to select the doctor and hospital of your choice, semi-private or private supplementary hospital insurance offers you these comforts.

Take your insurance card with you when you are admitted to hospital. It will provide the hospital with all the key administrative information about your insurance cover.

Hospital cost contribution

Hospital cost contribution is part of the statutory cost contribution scheme and is CHF 15 for every day spent in hospital for all insured persons. We charge this amount to you with the deductible and excess. Children, young adults in education or training and pregnant women do not pay a hospital cost contribution.