Foot care / chiropody

Our feet carry us about, day in and day out, and so they need lots of care. Yet foot care is a sensitive topic, especially for diabetics, as even the smallest wounds are hard to heal. A chiropodist knows what to look out for and in particular keeps the medical side of foot care in mind when working.

What's worth knowing about foot care

A pedicure (cosmetic foot care) mainly involves cutting toenails, applying polish if necessary and removing any callused skin from the feet. If you do not wish to perform your own foot care or you want to indulge yourself, you can turn to a pedicurist (pedicure). You pay these costs yourself.

Unlike a pedicurist, a podiatrist is trained in medical foot therapy and care. A podiatrist's job is varied and comprises all measures related to the foot, including nail treatments - for example, for ingrown or very thick nails, removing corns, applying relief and protective bandages or giving individual consultations for orthopaedic aids. Many people benefit from these treatments, particularly those who have chronic diseases such as diabetics or patients who suffer from nerve damage and the related paraesthesia.