Doctors not under contract

Non-contract doctors do not work for the Swiss system of basic insurance. They have notified the cantonal authorities of their decision to withdraw their services as they do not operate according to contractually agreed tariffs.

You do not receive any contributions from basic insurance for treatment carried out by a doctor who is not under contract. With the supplementary insurance COMPLETA , you can insure 90 percent of the costs.

What's worth knowing about non-panel doctors

A doctor who does not bill his services through basic insurance is referred to as a non-panel doctor.

As a rule, all doctors who have their own practice in Switzerland automatically have a contract with the health insurance companies and may charge basic insurance fees for their work. Among other things, this obliges them to comply with legally mandated prices and to be conscious of the cost-effectiveness of treatments. If a doctor does not want to practice within this framework, he can declare to the responsible authorities that he is not under contract. In this case, he is no longer bound by contractual prices and is free to set his own fees, and sends his bills directly to the customer. We are not allowed to assume these costs under basic insurance.

For you, this means that: If you wish to be treated by a doctor who is not under contract, you require corresponding supplementary health care insurance in order to obtain reimbursement. The doctor must notify you of this fact before beginning treatment. Only emergency treatments and treatments that cannot be carried out by another doctor are excluded from this rule. We are permitted to pay for these treatments under basic insurance as an exception.