Daily allowance for loss of income

If you're ill for an extended period, you're entitled to sick pay from your employer for a short period. But the costs of rent, taxes and other obligations don't change.

SALARIA daily allowance insurance allows you to plug this financial gap and safeguard your future. Thanks to the daily allowance benefits under SALARIA, you have income to cover your living costs even after the continued payment of your salary by your employer ends.

What's worth knowing about this topic? - Daily allowance for loss of income?

You may become ill for an extended period or no longer able to perform your work due to maternity or an accident. If so, your employer continues to pay your full salary for a certain amount of time. But what happens when the period during which your employer is required to continue paying your salary comes to an end?

You are not entitled to salary replacement until the commencement of a potential disability pension (IVG) and the disability pension under the occupational pension scheme (BVG). In many cases, this means lost wages.

As an employee, you can insure yourself against the risk of lost wages with SALARIA daily allowance insurance.

With SALARIA daily allowance insurance you receive the insured daily allowance as soon as you can prove that you have suffered a loss of income and incapacity to work of at least 25%. It allows you to maintain the standard of living to which you are accustomed.