Convalescent therapy

It isn't always possible to return home immediately after a severe illness or surgery. One option available to you is to recover with a stay in a convalescent facility.

What's worth knowing about convalescent therapies

Promoting recovery

A stay in a convalescent facility is meant to promote the recovery process and support convalescence (Latin for “regaining strength”, “healing”). In the convalescent facility, sick people receive the support and time they need to regain their mental and physical strength. The range of services includes medical and therapeutic treatments and simple nursing care.

Doctors frequently prescribe convalescent therapies after hospitalisations – with or without surgery – or after a severe illness at home. Medical necessity is required for reimbursement. Health insurers are not allowed to cover stays undertaken for preventive purposes.

Good to know

Patients must stay at an approved convalescent facility in Switzerland. Approved convalescent facilities meet the quality requirements of santésuisse, the industry association of Swiss health insurers. Be sure to submit the doctor's order for convalescent therapy before the start of the therapy so that we can verify the medical necessity.

The difference between balneotherapy and rehabilitation

The goal of medical rehabilitation is to restore lost functionality or improve impaired functionality through medical means. A key assessment criterion here is the need for hospitalisation.

The purpose of convalescent therapies, on the other hand, is recovery and convalescence after illnesses that result in a substantial impairment of the general state of health. In this case there is no need for specific care or treatment.

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