Case management / Individual case management

Illness or accident-related absences from work are on the rise and are becoming ever longer in duration. Our Case Management encourages your rapid reintegration into working life after an illness or accident, so that you get back to your day-to-day activities quickly.

Do you need inpatient or outpatient surgery? Do you have questions about rehabilitation or balneotherapy? Our case advisors give you moral and practical support from your arrival at the hospital to your return home.

Overview Case Management

Helsana Case Management

Our Case Management is a support programme for policyholders and insured persons. Case Management focuses on you as an individual, Care Management focuses on the entire process of care (healthcare system).

It is not always easy to negotiate the Swiss social system – in the event of an illness or accident, various questions arise:

  • From which medical, occupational, social and legal measures can you benefit?
  • From whom can you claim them?
  • Who bears the costs?

We identify at an early stage when a sick or injured person finds themselves in a challenging situation and needs our help. The earlier and more thoroughly we can search for optimal solutions together, the faster your medical and social situation can be stabilised and improved.

In light of rising healthcare costs and the increasing burden, Case Management has become a key service of social insurance institutions.

Advice and co-ordination

We are a team of experts with many years of experience and sound training in the assistance and counselling of sick or injured people in challenging life situations.

We recognise at an early stage when someone needs our support. We assist and advise you in all aspects of your situation – our service is voluntary and free of charge.

  • as a personal assistant, we stand by you from assessment of the case until your life situation has improved
  • as a competent advisor, we see to it that the overall conditions are optimal

In addition, we see to it that the advice and coordination with other involved parties (e.g. treating doctors, disability insurance, occupational pension, lawyers) takes place.

The aim is to stabilise and improve the life situation of the affected person and to achieve social and occupational reintegration.

Advantages of Case Management

  • Increase in security thanks to transparent and networked process
  • Preservation of the ability to work
  • Reduction in absences and costs of wage continuation