Optimum health insurance for carefree travel

Planning a journey? It’s important to get tailored insurance against accidents and illnesses – not just for journeys around the world, but for short-term trips too. Get all the key information about insurance cover for travel here.

Of course, the longer you travel abroad, the higher the risk of a medical emergency. Unfortunately, accidents or illness happen very fast – regardless of whether you’re on a two-week holiday in Egypt or an exchange semester in the USA. Medical treatment abroad is often more expensive than in Switzerland. To ensure that your holiday doesn’t end in financial disaster, it’s important to find the best insurance for your trip.  

Why do you need travel health insurance?

Medical treatment abroad can be very costly. If you fall ill or have an accident while travelling and need emergency medical treatment, you may face far higher costs than in Switzerland. Basic insurance is often not enough for this – especially if you’re travelling to a high-cost country such as the USA. It becomes even more expensive if you have to be repatriated back to Switzerland for medical care, in an ambulance jet for instance.

You can find the most important information about health insurance for travel on the Federal Office of Public Health’s website.

BAG (Federal Office of Public Health): Tourists abroad and world travellers
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Travel insurance, travel health insurance or supplementary insurance?

Regardless of whether you opt for travel insurance or overseas or travel health insurance: the important thing is that you protect yourself against the financial consequences of an accident or illness abroad. But what’s the difference? Travel insurance often only covers medical emergencies abroad if you have taken out a supplementary module. Or it only provides short-term coverage. For longer stays abroad, supplementary overseas health insurance offers more comprehensive cover.

You should also check which benefits are included in your supplementary insurance. Many supplementary insurance policies also provide the necessary benefits for your trip.

You can find a more detailed answer to this question in our FAQs.

FAQs about insurance cover abroad

What benefits does Helsana cover?

The WORLD and COMPLETA supplementary insurance policies offer you optimum insurance for trips abroad too. You receive generous cost contributions for emergency treatments, transportation and searches for missing persons. And with COMPLETA you also benefit from legal expenses cover abroad.

Frequently asked questions about health insurance for travel

Do you have more questions about health insurance for travel? In our FAQs you will find all you need to know about health insurance abroad – whether for a trip or a longer stay:

FAQs about insurance cover abroad

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