How to be well insured before setting off abroad

Accidents happen suddenly. Things can get difficult if you have an accident or fall ill when abroad. Medical treatment in foreign hospitals is inconvenient and gets expensive quickly. Find out here how you can get the best insurance for any stay abroad.

It just takes a minor mishap or a bit of bad luck. A broken ankle or appendicitis quickly upsets your relaxing vacation. What follows is an odyssey of queries about local medical care and your personal insurance cover – plus it’s all happening in a country with foreign doctors and maybe even in a foreign language. Would you like to enjoy a carefree stay abroad? Then take out insurance cover for abroad or supplementary insurance with benefits abroad before you depart.

Why do I need health insurance cover for abroad?

This question is legitimate, because with the compulsory basic insurance required by the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG) and accident insurance, you have access to basic medical care all over the world.

Nevertheless, it’s worthwhile having health insurance cover for abroad. Medical treatment abroad is often much more expensive than in Switzerland. And the basic insurance only covers some of the costs that arise. The situation gets even more serious if you have to be transported back to Switzerland for urgent treatment. None of the costs for this are covered by basic health insurance – but they are if you have health insurance cover for abroad.

However, the issue of insurance cover abroad isn’t just relevant for travelling. Pensioners and employees posted abroad who leave Switzerland for short periods or long term are also advised to deal with this issue in advance. Or are you expecting guests from abroad soon? If so, guest insurance is a good idea.

Health insurance for travel

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Your insurance abroad

The cost of medical emergencies abroad can be very high – sometimes even higher than in Switzerland. Find out here what services you can benefit from with our insurance policies:


You receive generous cost contributions for emergency treatments, transportation and searches for missing persons. You also benefit from legal expenses cover abroad.


You receive generous cost contributions for emergency treatments, transportation and searches for missing persons – with no risk assessment.

What you need to remember regarding your insurance abroad

Always take your European Health Insurance Card with you when you travel. Make sure you always have it with you. The uniformly designed back of the card is valid as a European Health Insurance Card and is recognised by all public hospitals, doctors and pharmacies in EU and EFTA countries. The card ensures you access to all necessary medical and nursing benefits.

If your card is not accepted somewhere or you’re in another country, our Emergency Call Centre can assist you round the clock: +41 58 340 16 11.

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