Well insured abroad

Are you travelling abroad in the near future? Are you moving south after you retire? Protect yourself against unforeseen events such as accidents or illnesses. That way, you can relax and enjoy your time abroad.

There are several situations in which you should consider obtaining insurance cover abroad. Do you want to emigrate and spend retirement in the sun? Are you moving back to your home country after you retire? Or is your employer sending you abroad? In all cases, you should learn how your insurance obligation will change.

But it’s also worth doing a quick insurance check before a holiday abroad: “Do I have sufficient cover in the event of an emergency?” That way, you can avoid being left with doctor’s or hospital costs. Such costs can quickly add up.

Travelling during the coronavirus pandemic

You can find the current recommendations for travelling abroad on the Federal Office of Public Health’s website. Find out about the coronavirus regulations at your travel destination and what you need to do when you return to Switzerland.

Good to know

Always take your insurance card with you when you travel. Make sure you always have it with you. The uniformly designed back of the card is valid as a European Health Insurance Card and is recognised by all public hospitals, doctors and pharmacies in EU and EFTA states. If you become ill or have an accident in an EU or EFTA country, the card ensures that you receive all the necessary treatment and medical care. In such cases, the medical care you receive will be subject to the fees and legal provisions of the country in question. If your card is not accepted or you’re in another country, our Emergency Call Centre can assist you round the clock.

These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about insurance cover abroad.

Learn what to do when you drive abroad.

How your insurance obligation changes when you’re abroad.

Your insurance abroad

The cost of medical emergencies abroad can be very high – sometimes even higher than in Switzerland. Find out here what services you can benefit from with our insurance policies:


You receive generous cost contributions for emergency treatments, transportation and searches for missing persons. You also benefit from legal expenses cover abroad.


You receive generous cost contributions for emergency treatments, transportation and searches for missing persons – with no risk assessment.


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